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Water Machine

This is a desalination facility solely geared to the production of fresh, pure, water. SolaQuaGen’s mathematical modelling of relative temperature differences, air flows, evaporation and condensation rates has developed a revolutionary product that can produce fresh water at costs lower than small to medium size conventional desalination plants. Unlike other desalination systems the water produced by the Water Machine does not require extensive pre- and post- chemical treatment. The Water Machine has minimal running and maintenance costs, and uses almost no external power inputs, beyond the sun, and thus has a very positive environmental impact compared to traditional desalination technologies.  

The Water Machine’s standard module is 20 metres long, 3.5 metres high and approximately 10 metres wide. The water production rates are dependent on the relative temperature differences between air temperature, seawater temperature and other factors such as solar intensity and relative humidity. The water yields can also be significantly increased if a source of waste heat is available, e.g. the waste water from a power station or output from air conditioning units. SolaQuaGen has a full mathematical model to develop a calculation of the water yields depending on the site characteristics which is used in discussing sizing and locations with customers. However, as an indication the average water yield per module is estimated at around 55 m3 of water per day.

To increase the water production several modules of Water Machine can be added together – either in lines or positioned behind each other with a separation of five to ten metres. In this way the facility can be sized to a customer’s needs, but is readily expandable as demand for water increases. A typical small sized desalination facility of 1,250 m3 per day would thus comprise 22 units and occupy a gross space of 40 metres by 110 metres (4,400 m2). The land space can be further reduced by a stacking process which can reduce the size by more than 50% thus the area for the 1,250 mwould occupy no more than 2,000 m2. The Water Machine is designed in a modular fashion so can be sized to fit the customer requirements.

For facilities with installed desalination capacities up to daily production rates of 20,000 m3 SolaQuaGen believes the Water Machine is the most economical method of producing fresh water. In addition the Water Machine has much shorter building time, cheaper building, running and maintenance costs compared to traditional desalination plants and of course a far smaller environmental impact.




"SolaQuaGen delivering sustainable food and water for the 21st Century"

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