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Sustainable Food and Water Solutions

Cool House



The Self Irrigating Cool House produces fresh water by desalinating seawater, with minimal energy needs, in an environmentally friendly manner, copying nature’s rain cycle. It is normally more than self sufficient in its water production for the crops grown inside the Cool House. The Self Irrigating Cool House thus makes whole new areas open for agriculture and allows growers to use otherwise unusable low cost arid land. By having a guaranteed source of fresh water the grower is also protected from the uncertainties of weather and the impact of climate change.

The technology creates ideal conditions for growth of premium crops and is normally more than self sufficient in water from the crops being grown. The humidity and temperature inside the Cool House can be tailored to the individual crop requirements leading to crops grown in the Self Irrigating Cool House can producing yields of up to 50% more than conventional greenhouses. The evaporative cooling involved in the technology enables allows year round cultivation in the Cool House in many regions of intense heat and sunlight where conventional cultivation is not feasible, for example in the Middle East. The technology is also suitable for hydroponic cultivation and is compatible with organic farming if required.



The Self Irrigating Greenhouse produces excess fresh water beyond the need for the crops being grown. This water would be available for other use. It thus allows agriculture to be expanded to otherwise arid, infertile, water scarce areas. This can also be coupled with growing bio-fuel crops without displacing existing food crops.


The basic module of the Self Irrigating Greenhouse resembles a standard polytunnel greenhouse, approximately 18 metres wide and 50 metres long.


With a cost little more than some of the conventional “high tech” greenhouses the Self Irrigating Greenhouse gives a pay back to the grower in less than two years, faster still if because of its unique performance it is situated on cheap land.




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